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Future Applications of Blockchain - Federico Pistono

  • UCL Gordon Street (25) E28 Harrie Massey LT London, England, WC1H United Kingdom (map)

Federico Pistono has been involved in blockchain since early 2011, following his interest in operations research, neural network and cryptography, and has been a vocal advocate of this technology, focusing on the technical aspects and how it can change the world as we know it.

He was one of the first investors in Ethereum, and has invested in over 20 blockchain-related projects. He has presented at several conferences and fora, including the Blockchain Solutions Forum in Barcelona, and CryptoHQ in Davos, during the 2018 World Economic Forum. 

He was featured in "Banking in Bitcoin", the most watched documentary on cryptocurrencies in the world, and he is the author of the books 'Robots Will Steal Your Jobs, But That's OK', 'A Tale of Two Futures', and 'Startup Zero.0'.

Since mid 2017, he has been Head of Blockchain at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. He is advisor to several blockchain-related companies, including AidCoin—the world's largest charity ICO—and Vimana, a network of autonomous flying taxi drones.

For further info, you can access his full resume here

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