Micropayments solution for content distribution integrating Ethereum, IPFS and the µRaiden network.


This project delves into the application of Ethereum, IPFS and µRaiden network to an offline content distribution and replication platform based on a Blockchain-oriented solution. The model simulates the creation of a private Ethereum network, in which the content provider distributes content files stored on the IPFS network to selected source nodes by executing a Solidity Smart Contract running on the Blockchain infrastructure. Using the principles of opportunistic networking and of device-to-device (D2D) communication, the Source Nodes are then responsible for the further distribution and replication of the files among peer Content Consumers in urban environments in exchange of micropayments acting on channels provided by the µRaiden network. Such project, while creating a fully functioning Decentralised application, is an exercise to analyse the properties and integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as smart contract development, peer-to-peer hypermedia storage and distribution, and off-chain transactions.